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Implementation Overview- xm2010

Corey Schultz with XM2010 Sniper Rifle

The unfamiliar sound was shrapnel from the bomb itself landing all around us. It lasted for what seemed like forever, but in reality about 30-seconds, for all the debris to fall out of the sky. I was anticipating body parts to fall as well but only steel and rock peppered the area.

The 0.001%

0.001% [one thousandths] percent of American citizens are sniper qualified graduates.


This handbook compiles technical teachings from inside the official classroom of sniper school with practical techniques used in combat, as well as tips from first-hand personal experiences. Divulging knowledge from training in the swamps of Louisiana to combat in the mountains of Afghanistan, this ghillie handbook may be the only official material that has been proven and tested on ghillie suit design and construction that is available to the general public.

DIY 300 BLK Pistol

Build a Pistol or SBR in 300 BLK on a budget, and use a Go-Bag and Rigid Hard Case for discrete transportation.