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Hillary’s Benghazi Hearing

Prelude for the movie 13-Hours and true character of Hilary Clinton

Development Overview – xm2010

Corey Schultz with XM2010 Sniper Rifle

On the 15th of January 2009, the Army issued Request for proposal (RFP) to the firearm industry for rapid Reconfiguration of the M24E1. Requirements for the solicitation were developed by a collaboration of efforts from the warfighter, the Soldier Requirements Division, engineers at the ARDEC Picatinny Arsenal. Several companies competed for the contract. Accuracy… Continue Reading “Development Overview – xm2010”

Implementation Overview- xm2010

Corey Schultz with XM2010 Sniper Rifle

The unfamiliar sound was shrapnel from the bomb itself landing all around us. It lasted for what seemed like forever, but in reality about 30-seconds, for all the debris to fall out of the sky. I was anticipating body parts to fall as well but only steel and rock peppered the area.

The 0.001%

0.001% [one thousandths] percent of American citizens are sniper qualified graduates.

DIY 300 BLK Pistol

Build a Pistol or SBR in 300 BLK on a budget, and use a Go-Bag and Rigid Hard Case for discrete transportation.


These t-shirts designs were created to promote team pride and boost platoon moral during OEF Task Force Storm. The links below are intended to give platoon members access to the respective apparel items, and replace old articles that are deemed unserviceable with new ones.


Spectre-5 Derived The twenty-three man, 10th Mountain Division, scout platoon was always referred to as the Spectre Platoon. For all mission intents and purposes, this is what they answered to, this was their code name on the radio, this was their call-sign. In the… Continue Reading “Call-Sign”

Meredith’s What’s HotNow! on Women in the Special Forces

Woman Navy SEAL

Meredith’s What’s Hot Now! TV is going on a rant about how excited they are for the fact the woman are now able to be US. Army Rangers and U.S. Navy SEAL’s (Sea, Air, and Land).  What are your thoughts on this topic? I… Continue Reading “Meredith’s What’s HotNow! on Women in the Special Forces”