Precision Shooting Platform


During my studies at the University of Houston, my team “Zero Tolerance” engineered a light-weight shooting platform designed to test the precision of long-range sniper rifles. It collapses down into a standard ECS Pelican case for ease of transportation and durable protection. It can be setup in less than 30-minutes and weighs less than 100-lbs. It is a unique example of careful engineering and recoil management.

The video below orbits you through a conceptual model. All green components are quick disconnect points on the apparatus. For more information on this system, or how I can be of assistance (or contribution) to an engineering need of your company, please email me directly.

My contact information can be found HERE.


Over the next 4-months, this concept will come to life. We will fabricate, assemble, and test it on the range. Please stay tuned for more updates on the final results of this project by subscribing to this site.


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