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Out of Reach

It was dark. There was no light switch, no lamp, there wasn’t even electricity, unless you were lucky enough to find a line that ran off the generator at the TAC 200-ft away. There was no sign of the civilized life anywhere. We, the… Continue Reading “Out of Reach”

Prelude – xm2010

I spent the first four months of a 12-month deployment armed with two sniper rifles; the M24 and the M110. My 10th Mountain Division sniper section was deployed to RC East, Logar, Afghanistan where we would experience the crippling inability of performing the job… Continue Reading “Prelude – xm2010”

The 0.001%

0.001% [one thousandths] percent of American citizens are sniper qualified graduates.

Meredith’s What’s HotNow! on Women in the Special Forces

Woman Navy SEAL

Meredith’s What’s Hot Now! TV is going on a rant about how excited they are for the fact the woman are now able to be US. Army Rangers and U.S. Navy SEAL’s (Sea, Air, and Land).  What are your thoughts on this topic? I… Continue Reading “Meredith’s What’s HotNow! on Women in the Special Forces”