Veteran Vacation Charity

It has been almost a year since my wife and I visited Granite Ranch for the Bravo Company Reunion hosted by Ronald Raines. It did a great deal of good for me and my relationship with her and everyone around me. We had been on a vacation before, where we were able to reconnect and relax, but never before had we been on a vacation that was free of charge and specifically for veterans. It allowed me open up to a part of who I am that had been closed off since I got out of the Army.

Seeing my brothers from combat again, and seeing how many positive things Ronnie was doing with the veteran community inspired me. Immediately after this trip, I began to really open up with my wife and express to her how significant and important my military experience was for me. We had met as I was transitioning out 4-years of active duty with the 10th Mountain Division, and it was never really clear to her what I was leaving behind, nor was it clear to me how difficult it would be to leave it.

“You don’t just turn it off!”


However, since our visit to Granite Ranch and because of the impact it had, I have expanded my network and met several other snipers (Army and Marine) in the Houston area. We immediately developed a bond of brotherhood within minutes of conversation. I have also made good progress in my pursuit of publishing a story on the development and implementation of the M2010 Sniper System we used in Afghanistan.

All because of a free veteran trip to Ronald Raine’s Granite Ranch in San Antonio, I was now able to re-structure my life and acknowledge my unique military experiences as great accomplishment.

My goal to share these military experiences drives the continued effort of research and writing. Each day I get one step closer to publication. Upon completing the book, proceeds acquired will be used to help purchase a ranch for holding more of these life changing charitable veteran vacations.

See my mission statement and track our progress at this Sniper Observation Post website.

Group Photo

One Comment on “Veteran Vacation Charity

  1. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. I have too been to Granite Ranch several times and Love the atmosphere and love the camaraderie shared and gained. Thanks to Ronnie Rains for his big heart and willingness to share this Little Piece of Heaven to his friends.


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