Hillary’s Benghazi Hearing

It is only natural to be curious of the real record of events that took place the night of the attack in Benghazi, especially with the presidential election drawing near. Watch this 10-minute clip of the hearing from CSPAN to help clarify.


The link below is set to begin the video at a specific point that will drive the point home for those of you with short attention spans. To grasp the full extent of which Hillary went to protect her image during the election time and distance herself from the attacks in Libya, play the video from the beginning.


CSPAN via YouTube

“It’s been painful to watch Hillary Clinton’s testimony during the Benghazi hearings. She skirts, deflects and blames others — and the Democrat committee members are in full mop up mode. If only the Dem members were as concerned with saving American lives as they are with saving Hillary.

But all that changed when Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) questioned Hillary on her string of lies. Big lies.

Representative Jordan showed us the emails Hillary wrote her family, the Libyan President and the Egyptian President (separately) that evening that it was an al Qaeda attack but she told the American people it was a video.

She knew immediately what and who it was.”

-Pamela Geller

13 hours 2

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