DIY 300 BLK Pistol

300 BLK Build





Pistol with saddle mounted cheek rest


Parts List:

Magpul Sling:


Radical Firearms Upper without BCG:


Palmetto Lower:


Thordsen Custom Cheek Rest:


Burris Red Dot Sight Mount:


Burris Red Dot Sight:

Homemade Gun Case with Go Bag for 300 BLK

A recent discovery leads to a new purpose for a small “briefcase” style tough box that will hold a broken-down 300-BLK/AR-15 style rifle/pistol and serves as an inexpensive alternative to the overly priced Pelican Cases.

The link to this Rigid box is found HERE and is available at your local Home Depot store.

Features that make this a prime candidate durability and toughness:

Rigid 1

Waterproof Seal

Rigid 2

Metal Snap Buckles & Briefcase Style Carrying Handle

Rigid 3

Hinged Lid

Rigid 4

Stack-able Latching System

Using The Pack

After I removed the orange organizational bins from inside the box (which made great targets) I found a very popular “go-bag” from Academy, link HERE, that fit snug inside with my SBR/Pistol (8.5″) broken down 300BLK.

Go Bag 1

I could have used foam, but this bag provided all the cushion needed to prevent ANY movement/shifting from inside the box, and offered a great option for traveling with the contents once they were removed.

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