Meredith’s What’s HotNow! on Women in the Special Forces

Woman Navy SEAL

Meredith’s What’s Hot Now! TV is going on a rant about how excited they are for the fact the woman are now able to be US. Army Rangers and U.S. Navy SEAL’s (Sea, Air, and Land).  What are your thoughts on this topic?

I personally believe that women should be able to try out for the same things that men do, but in a separate context.  Consider for a moment the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts of America will always be for the boys and the girls are not allow to be apart of this group, because, they are not boys.  However, there is a separate organization establish for the girls, its called the Girl Scouts of America.

So why can we not separate the groups? If we want to allow the women of the United States to partake in the same training as the men of the elite forces in the military, then we should create a separate group (organization) for them to be apart of. This group would be called Womens Special Forces of the U.S. Military.  They would receive the best available training and train and fight along side of their Sisters-in-Arms, this is how the combative forces currently exists for the men of the military and there are reasons for this.

The stresses and physical demands of a combat work force require unique lifestyles. If women truly want to be apart of the military, particularly the elite forces, then we should not hinder this from them. We should provide a conducive environment for them to train, learn, work, and excel in, it would be an environment were they could relate to their colleagues by way of daily life experiences, and routine personality traits.

The female body, as we know is very different from that of a male body. These differences are what cause attraction and arguments, and putting both of these types together in a highly stressful work environment, where life and the success of the mission hang in the balance, is going to cause an increase in complications.

No we should not deny woman the opportunity to serve their country by way of combative MOS’s. No we should not deny woman the opportunity to become members of special  forces. We should however provide a separate place (organization) for them to serve. The standards for this organization could be the same, higher, or lower, regardless it should be a separate entity.


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